RE: Lawsuit threat against RBL users

You are correct, we have been lucky so far and this has not been an issue.
If it becomes an issue, we may have to make changes to our AUP.

However, what I don't like is the idea that we might have to make that
change not based on what we think is acceptable use, but based on what some
self appointed group has decided it should be. The consequences of not
going along being that we get blackholed.

Sheryl Chapin
Senior Network Engineer
CommTel Internet 207.377.3508
Winthrop, Maine

It's simply a matter of your peers saying that if you're the kind of
business that allows that, then we don't want to do business with you
(hence, they refuse to talk to you anymore).

Nobody's telling you how to run your business. What the RBL-subscribers
are saying is "to deal with us, there is a code of conduct, such as, x y
and z. Here are the technical reasons why these are important to us." and
if you want to deal with them, you abide by the "rules", otherwise, you
find other people to send mail to.


Sheryl: On the one hand I agree with points that you've made. On the other
hand, the other ISP's own their equipment and pay for their bandwidth and
have a right to block other providers if they so choose. Blocking (hopefully)
is not a decision that most ISP's take lightly.