RE: Large ISPs doing NAT?

From: Jake Khuon [mailto:khuon@NEEBU.Net]
Sent: 2. m�ja 2002 10:32
Subject: Re: Large ISPs doing NAT?

Time to start thinking a little further down the line. What
if the phone actually becomes an wireless IP gateway router?
It routes packets from a PAN (personal area network) riding
on top of Bluetooth or 802.11{a,b} to the 3G network for
transit. NAT would certainly become very messy.


and what if one of the devices behind that phone would also be a personal "ip gateway router" (or how you call that)... you could recursively iterate as deep as your mail size allows you to...

hope this thread will not end in a router behind a router that serves as a router seving as a router to another router which has some other routers connected...