RE: LA power outage?

We've been told by our field tech in LA that One Wilshire had lost power
for a bit, but it is now restored. I don't know the duration of the
outage, but our equipment there is on DC and did not go down.


So - who in LA is going to be telling Santa they want a new data-center sized
diesel UPS genset for Christmas? :wink:

OneWilshire did lose power but their generators did their
job just fine. Getting up to any data center space there
was impossible on the other hand. They have enough
current to run the entire building, just not the elevators,
the lights in the stairwells, or the key-card locks on the
data center doors (or so management told the bunch of us
who were waiting outside).

Still, none of our circuits lost power, which is better
off than half of L.A. was.

More like, "which manager is telling Santa they want a new, clue-imbued employee for Christmas?"

I'm not too close to the story and I don't live in Los Angeles (I live and work 55-65 miles northeast of downtown), but it seems to me that the problem could have been avoided with a little more caution on the part of the person who cut the wires.