RE: [Kremen VS Arin Antitrust Lawsuit - Anyone have feedback?]

Don't be so sure.

What probably _would_ police these willy-nilly announcements,
however, are prefix-length filters on the various ISP routers. :slight_smile:

And again, this could certainly lend itself to folks sic'ing their
lawyers on eacvh other in the name of anti-competitive lawsuits.

A mess ensues that I don't think any of us wishes to see happen.

- ferg

Another somewhat important point is that we also need to conserve

routing entries. If you make a market for addresses without regard to
routability, you risk

creating a situation where you flood the world with /32's. No thanks.


I would think that would tend to police itself. Even now with things
as they are you're going to have serious reachability problems if you
try to announce anything smaller than a /24. And if routing tables
suddenly explode, I'd expect that threshold to quickly move in reaction.