RE: I've just tried's plugin. Don't.

From: Kevin Loch []
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 9:21 AM

So the plug-in does *not* change which dns server you query.
if a query fails against your normal name server it
just appends or, if that fails, makes stuff up.

Of course if your regular resolver server was a UDNS server or
Earthlink or an ISP that adopted the TLD's you
would have found an A record for with or without
the plug-in.

This also means that if your reguler resolver server had
your own private .shop zone (perhaps empty), that would
take precedence for regular and plug-in queries for that TLD.

This is cute. It also means that, if your zone server carried the ORSC
root-zone, the SHOP TLD, in the ORSC root-zone, would take precedence.

Simon, maybe you don't have to talk to them at all <evil grin>. The best
defense is for ISPs to start carrying the ORSC zone file.