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  Sorry I meant GEOBYTES ---
  When I enter my new /16 at this site it translates to Canada and it shouldn't. ARIN reports the address properly on the ARIN lookup. I have sent emails to the Geobytes website two weeks ago, they confirmed to me they have the email, but have done nothing to date to fix the problem. So my customers are getting a little upset because when they go to a website they are directed to the .ca portion.


Well, I just looked up addresses in a few of my blocks, and geobytes either had wrong info or no info.

If you're the ISP, then your answer to your customers is "the web site you are going to is using an unreliable method to attempt to determine locality from IP address."

Then point them at the web site's contact form and suggest they complain to the web site owner.

As you've already noted, ARIN got the info correct. I suspect there are multiple vendors attempting to provide IP address to GPS address services. I doubt any of them will be 100% reliable, but clearly there is an interest in such services.

FYI - It maybe of interest here to know that completewhois provides this data. For determining ip->country placement only RIR data on direct ip allocations and assignments is used, so if ip block is listed as having
been allocated to company with corporate address in Jamaica but is used in
US, the block will show up as JM. That also avoids issue of having others
blame me for bad data as algorithm for how its generated is easily confirmed
with RIR whois and in 98% this does provide sufficiently good data. Our
lists are regenerated EVERY DAY and available at:

Even though I've never promoted this, it actually is getting rather used
and I've had at least dozen requests this year along to make data available though means other then raw text file. So you might as well be first to know that 3 days ago this was finished and data is now available for verification by dns. You can now do lookup in RBL style to

(i.e. for my dns server ip, it would be lookup at

For TXT lookups it will tell you country code and country name, i.e.
"US - United States". For RBL "A" lookups it will answer with 127.0.a.b
where a and b are ascii representation of 1st and 2nd letter of country code, so for example for US this would be

Complete list of these codes and instructions are at:

So feel free to use if you like for whatever reasons (and don't complain to me if you see wrong data, lookup RIR whois and send corrections there).

One last point is as I noted data is based on RIR direct allocations, so swips and suballocations are not used. In the future planned is separate service and data for experimental use that will be based on SWIP data (lowest allocation), however my checks on it show that in too many places its even less accurate then RIR direct info.

Small correction - for US its (and is Uruguay)

I suspect your completewhois does not take into account ERX data:
Huge swaths of IP space were moved around between RIRs from Jan 2003-Apr

If you want specific examples, contact me off-list.


I do take most of that into account. In fact there are lots of ip blocks
placed in "EU" zone because of that (which is not to say that its accurate,
but its not inaccurate either). Later this will be corrected to point to
precise country, but I already view EU as one country and don't see the point as the same european networks are used throught europe no matter
where the actual company is actually registered.

Given the results it gave for a handful of UK IP addresses I fed into
it, whois seems to be a lot more accurate.

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See also:

IN A lookups return 127.0.x.x, where x.x is a two-octet representation
of the ISO 3166 numeric country code. e.g., US (840) =