[RE: ISPs are asked to block yet another port]

> Security is a lifestyle.

People laugh when I say this, do they laugh when you say it?

usually they remember a very important event that must be attended to,
and assure me that they do believe in security and appreciate what i
am saying (as they walk away laughing behind their hands).


> Sweet, too many people just don't take security very seriously :frowning:
> Its a shame really, security only seems to matter when the sky is
> falling, its not taken as a daily necessity.
> -Chris

it has been my experience that the sky must fall before they
(pointy-haired managers) start pointing fingers (at the security
minded). then there is a brief period of fear in which things start
to get moving...which dwindles into the same [avoidance|excuses] as


"Walk with me through the Universe,
And along the way see how all of us are Connected.
Feast the eyes of your Soul,
On the Love that abounds.
In all places at once, seemingly endless,
Like your own existence."
     - Stephen Hawking -