RE: ISP Policies

Tulip Rasputin wrote:
That's why i explicitly asked for some "social/political/etc."
reasons where an ISP may not want his traffic to traverse some
particular AS number(s). Something which is beyond BGP to
determine as of now ! :slight_smile:

FWIW, this is exactly how I understood the question. It's all about
"non-BGP" issues.

I believe with the responses that i received both on the list
and offline, that it is indeed quite normal for ISPs to filter
routes based on the AS Paths for 'other' reasons. Reasons,
quite beyond BGP as a protocol to handle! And this can happen,
when an ISP doesnt want its traffic to traverse some AS(es).

I'm not sure I agree with "normal", but it is common practice indeed, a
significant part being in a <cough> grey <cough> area, and notice that
nobody dared to post the reasons on the ML. Trying to stay
intellectually honest, there are "good" and "bad" reasons for it.

Using my well-known politically incorrect bluntness, I would say this
(words borrowed from several people) (disclaimer #2: this is somehow
exaggerated, but here it is anyway):
God has given men a brain and a penis, but not enough blood to operate
both of them at the same time. Although there are exceptions, when the
blood flows to the brain, men use BGP; when the blood flows to the
penis, men manipulate the AS_PATH and/or create route-maps :smiley: