RE: is your host or dhcp server sending dns dynamic updates for rfc1918?

From: Eric Germann <ekgermann@CCTEC.COM>

If people set up their Win2K networks right, it wouldn't be a problem.
Simply install the MS DNS server, point their clients at that, then all the
updates go there. And if that DNS server has connectivity to the 'Net at
large, it will resolve all their other requests too by chasing the chain
from the root down.

Great, just what Microsoft would like to see happen. In order to do this, EVERY DNS server that answers queries from end users (or servers) would have to be a MS DNS server. Might as well just replace the Internet with MSN, no offence to those that drive the deathstar.

What I AM trying to figure out is why some win2K systems do this, and some don't. Did MS fix/break something with SP2?

The point wasn't to get everyone to convert to MS DNS. The point was if you
ALREADY HAVE Win2K server running on your network, set it up right and you
can short circuit the problem. Its not a great conspiracy ....

Also, you can follow these directions from the client end ...;en-us;Q259922