RE: is reverse dns required? (policy question)

Just a quick note: it's not a BCP yet, but it's also considered
/extremely/ friendly by mail admins and others, if you use a naming
convention for your rDNS that is easily placed into access.db
and other
"right-anchored" string matching mechanisms. e.g., if you have a
dynamically assigned DSL range, and want to assign rDNS to it based on
the IP,

is a lot easier to block via rudimentary mechanisms than

The bulkzone program will easily create right-anchored forward and reverse
zonefiles for any size network block.

Just run it twice, and you've got it covered.

On the bigger question of "charging" for reverse DNS: I would consider it
part of the initial setup, or a deferred process tied to the initial setup.
But if a customer swamps you with changes or updates beyond a reasonable
amount, I'd consider delegating the reverse zone, or charging based on the
number of changes.

Just my 2 cents.