RE: IRC Bot list (cross posting)

From: Bill Nash []
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 3:31 AM
To: Hannigan, Martin
Subject: RE: IRC Bot list (cross posting)

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Various persons put forth some amount of effort to,
graciously, give other
operators a heads up to the ongoing/potential abuse of their
networks, and
you're concerned about topical relevance? Why aren't you, in
the least,
THANKING them for their efforts? Maybe it's because these
thousands of
drones are being used to pump out spam across the internet,

This is old news, Bill. If anyone wants to sit around and pump
out botnet lists to NANOG, fine by me. I never said I can
stop them. I just said I didn't want them as a subscriber.

I understand that you don't know where these existing
lists are. Look hard. If you suddenly care about bots
enough in the last 24 hours to spend all night writing
a post about me, you should be able to expend the same
energy and find a botnet list to enjoy.

Gadi probably has already invited you to his list
in the last 8 hours. He's good like that.

which may
require (at some point) some form of domain registration at
the end site
pushing whatever product, which at later trickles into
Verisign's coffers?

<scratches head>

Hmm. A conspiracy theory. What would Kramer do?

</scratches head>

Uh, plonk?

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My point is simple. There's more people on this list besides you and William. This list should not run by the preference of two vocal people who can't be bothered to skim/trim/ignore threads they aren't interested in. This isn't exactly a high volume list. The percentage of subscribers who actually post is a distinct minority, and from the volume of mail I got last time you and I went around, there's a lot of smaller operators who simply monitor the list for interesting things who may find those kinds of discussions interesting.

This thread is already longer than it likely would have been had it simply been recognized as uninteresting signal (but signal nonetheless) and left alone. I'm hardly an icon of self-restraint, but worry about off-topic when it's actually a problem, and stop discouraging people to post entirely.

- billn