RE: IPv6 reverse lookup - lame delegation?



I am more or less new to nanog (reading it about half a year),
so please correct me, if I do something wrong.

Jeroen Massar [Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 02:07:27PM +0100]:
> Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino wrote:
> > if i try to log into my machines back in tokyo by IPv6
SSH, it takes
> > very long time. i guess i found the reason -
(possible) lame delegation
> > of query returns instantly.
> > how could we fix it?
> By fixing the software as was deprecated 2 years+++
> ago as you should already know.

I've read the RFC and also talked to some people using IPv6 adresses,
especially some using 6to4 (2002:/16).

As far as I know the reverse mapping for 2002 is only
available through, or am I wrong?

Not wrong but correct. Delegations for that block can
be requested by emailing

But Geoff Huston has already published this draft:
Which should solve the 6to4 problem.

Personally I would say that 6to4 shouldn't be given reverse
though, if people require that they are better off getting
either native or tunneled IPv6 instead of this transition
method especially because of the low deployment of 6to4 relays.

I think this is because 2002: is a test zone. But for me using
it almost always the only way to have reverse mapping is

Get yourself a tunneled or native prefix from a LIR closeby.
6to4 is not testing, it is transition and it works(tm).