RE: IPv6 network boundaries vs. IPv4

We did the same thing... It seems easiest from a management
perspective to copy the ipv4 logical layer with v6. The only change on
our side was the fixed prefix length which if anything was a nice

We did run into a few devices (old layer 3 switches) that don't support
ipv6 and on those we either did not deploy IPv6 or moved the routing off
for both v4 and v6 to the nearest "core" router that could handle v6 for
any vlans that required the v6 capability.

John van Oppen
Spectrum Networks LLC
206.973.8302 (Direct)


I'm experiencing a lot of problems with about 8 of our outbound mail
gateways to the MSN/Live mail servers throughout the day. Are there any
mail/sysadmins on this list, or anyone that can get me in contact with
someone there, as the general postmaster support is less then fourth
coming with information. Anything would be greatly appreciated.


Raymond Corbin
Support Analyst


Im not sure what you mean by less than forthcoming, but we have success here:

And here: