RE: IPv6 deployment excuses - IPv6 only resources

Is there a list of IPv6 only ISP or services? I'd be curious to trend that somehow, by geography, service type, etc... if any.

Since "IPv6 only" right now is primarily about those portions of the
network that are under a single organization's control, the rest of us will
only know about them, for the most part, from reports from those
organizations. As such, I doubt there's a list, per se, though somebody may
be collecting one.

Off the top of my head, Facebook has reported moving to IPv6 only below
their edge. T-Mobile's cellular data is IPv6 only for newer handset and
will become fully IPv6-only when the older handsets age off. IPv4 Internet
access is provided through some combination of NAT64/DNS64/464xlat. Comcast
isn't (to the best of my knowledge) hasn't yet made any moves in that
direction, but have presented on moving to IPv6 only offering IPv4 as a
service on top of it. Starting this past June 1 (from what I've heard)
Apple is requiring all apps submitted to their app store to support IPv6
only networks. The US Federal CIO is expanding IPv6 transition focus to
government enterprise networks from the previous, more Internet-based focus.

Again, those are just a handful of the large-scale efforts I've personally
heard about. But those are all some pretty significant players on the
Internet. And there are likely to be many more who aren't publicizing their
efforts. Of course, I happen to mostly pay attention to activity in the US,
so there's that selection bias in play as well.