RE: IPv6 by June 2008

While I feel their pain and don't envy them in the least, I think there
could be some good that will come out of this: the announcement may
serve as enough incentive for other large organizations that have been
hanging back to outline and implement a plan for their own migration.
At my place of employment I've been agitating for some time to get an
IP6 testbed set up (all of our server and network gear can handle it,
but we don't actually enable it) so we can at least start getting some
first-hand experience with the future. Unfortunately the department is
helmed by followers who have pushed back on the idea because "nobody
else was doing it."

Having seen these people drag their feet and only implement IP inside
the corporate network within the last six years, I would rather be ahead
of the curve on this than behind it once again. With the government
finally getting rolling and actually announcing the plan I may finally
have a whip big enough to get my management to start thinking about the
future (if only because we have to communicate with government
institutions as part of our daily business operations).

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