RE: IPv4 BGP Table Reduction Analysis - Prefixes Filter by RIRs Minimum Allocations Boundaries

That's unfortunate, but your problem doesn't scale. If every network got an RIR allocation, and then subnetted it among several discontiguous POPs and polluted the global route table with those subnets, the routing table would be even worse than what we have today. How much are you willing to pay every other network to carry your deaggregates? What makes your deaggregates special and more worthy of a free ride than any other deaggregating network?

With the holiday and new years fast approaching, and our upgrade kits not quite fully assembled (much less tested), I just filtered you (before seeing your message) as we're now filtering APNIC on "RIR Minimums". We were just 2399 routes away from our Sup2s doing bad things. Now we're 20306 routes away...which leaves a much more comfortable margin of safety.

Looking forward to seeing your routes early next year...after we've upgraded.