RE: IP Block 99/8


Much appreciated for the support.

Below are a few sites which we're having reachabliity issues to. If you
operate one of these networks please check that you can see our
allocated blocks and can trace to the following addresses:

Allocated blocks:

/32's for traces:
AS 15290
AS 36561
AS 15169
AS 7252
AS 11595
AS 1668
AS 3561
AS 3848
AS 11283

AS 33139
AS 5662
AS 4355

AS 6641
AS 19148
AS 11643
AS 5662
AS 27584

Thanks in advance,


It's Akamai, and I'm contacting you off-list

Just for clarification (as I've already been ping'd off list)... I was merely correcting the typo in the OPs post :stuck_out_tongue: Akamai is not filtering net-99 space.