RE-invent the Net

@Hank Nussbacher wrote:
@>Craig, Bob has probably forgotten more than you and I will ever know.
@I find the attitude of reverence to authorities a bit out of place
@in any scientific or engineering society trying to be something more
@than a country club.

I have found that the demographics of the Internet are such that the "epoch" keeps
moving closer to us. I used to think that we were lucky if we preserved about 20
years of history. That would now take us back to 1976. As the average age on the
net gets lower, that may be more like 10 years. Soon it will be 4 years.

If a person involved in the Internet is not "reinventing the net" every 4 years then
they might as well retire. Internet careers will probably become like NFL careers.
You get about 4 years out of college to make it to a Super Bowl. You may get
a 4 year extension if you are not injured. A 12 year career is not in the cards...
unless you can reincarnate yourself and "revinvent the net"...