RE: Internic address allocation policy (fwd)

@ At 02:01 PM 11/20/96 -0600, Jim Fleming wrote:
@ >P.S. Regarding your comments about the
@ >InterNIC. I have objected to people like yourself
@ >having discussions with InterNIC (or NSI)
@ >employees about other people's business
@ >matters and then running around mailing lists
@ >referring to those discussions and acting like
@ >you are very chummy with the InterNIC. I
@ >think that I have been very clear on those
@ >points..."The InterNIC has no business
@ >discussing other people's business with
@ >you, no matter how buddy buddy you are..."
@ Jim,
@ I would love to see one example where I have made any mention of any
@ knowledge given to me by the internic about anyone's business other than my
@ own. It simply has never happened. If you are going to make accusations
@ back them up.

I suggest that you read your postings on the ISP
mailing list. Do you post to that list ?