re: Internet connection secure from surveilance?

Here is my reply to Joe

Your solution is good. In general, anyone worried about this kind of invasion of privacy
should arrange to run their own root servers. The more the merrier. This is not neccessarily
about having multiple roots with colliding TLDs, but about security from surveillance.

One discouraging fact is that even if everyone moves to localized root servers, the USG
still controls the servers for .COM/.NET and .ORG as well as, most definitly .GOV and
.MIL. The same trick that they can play at the root server level can also be played at
the gtld-server level. They can just rig [A-M].GTLD-SERVERS.NET instead of
the roots. They may not be able to capture all of the traffic that a user generates, but
most of it, since most websites/domains are in the "big three" and those are controlled by USG.