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Interesting enough,

Take this little tidbit. The methodology in general was performance
testing of the backbone's web site. (Which in itself is probably an
accurate measurement goal for the level of subscribers to that
magazine) However, Nap.Net's web site was sitting behind a
Fractional T1 off of our chicago node while the web page was
being overhauled during this test period. So, the rating for
Nap.Net reflects a Fractional (actually 22 channels) T1
performance. This is interesting in the light that Nap.Net
still scored above the average and the median.


Is the NAP.NET web server still a 90MHz Pentium running BSDI?

Chris A. Icide wrote:

Does it REALLY matter?!?! As long as it ain't some MS product clogging
the lan with needless broadcasts and it's big enough to service those
that are ignorant to think a national provider's web site *IS* a measure
of their backbone/service.... BSDI is a damn fine product!

I would think that as long as he's got some UN*X variant/flavor on there,
that a p90 would be enough. Now, had he put Microsoft NT/IIS on there, it
probably wouldn't be able to handle the os, much less running web
services. You'd be suprised at how silly a UN*X flavor can make an NT box
look when you compare them side by side.

Hell, I know someone that runs 4 heavily traveled non-profit websites on a
486sx33 with 4 megs of ram and a couple of megs of hardrive space running
FreeBSD. They get a couple a decent amount of hits a day, and never even
burp. When people find out that it's only a 486sx33, they are usually
quite impressed. All I can say is that you could not do that with a
microsoft product.

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I know this is slightly off topic, and I'll stop right here... Hope
everyone else has the sense to do the same.