RE: Inside plant 10G fiber specs?

re: "The grief caused over the long run by having more installed MMF
   plant, especially as you try to move to 10G speeds and beyond, is IMHO
   not worth the relatively small short term cost optimization."
   A good point, which becomes particularly germane moving forward.
   According to a TIA presentation I attended today, a 40G link will
   require eight (8) strands of 8MMF. And the way things look now, a
   100Gbps link will require twenty (20) strands of MMF. Neither is likely
   to reach beyond 100 to 150 meters max. A single pair of SMF will
   suffice for both and cover eminently greater distances. Until now the
   tradeoffs have been a no-brainer, favoring MMF. But as the number of
   strands begin to add bulk and handling issues and the price points
   continue to fall for SMF at 10G and above, it will become more trying
   to decide.

   Incidentally, there's a couple of good pieces in the March 2010 issue
   of Lightwave Mag on the subject of falling prices of Photonic
   Integrated Circuits (PICs) at 10G and above, and one on advancements
   being made in Planar chips as well on pp 6 and 24, respectively,' here: