RE: In Memoriam: Abha Ahuja

Five years ago today. I miss her. She was a great friend.
You know, it's just my 2cents worth, but with all the other OT things
that fly around the NANOG list, this topic might not be a bad one to
spend a few email messages on, given her heavy involvement with quite a
few of the topics and people on this list.

I had the rare honor of working with Abha during my time at InterNAP
(approximately 1/2000 - 1/2001). She was a great mentor, not afraid to
speak up and call something "just stupid" no matter who else was in the
room. Her office door seemed always open, and she made time to explain
concepts, no matter how basic they may have been to her. I thought I
knew BGP before I started there (doesn't everybody?), and she made me
realize how little I really knew. She spoke the "voodoo" of BGP like a
native tongue.

Her office was decorated with various pop-icon posters, and I never
really understood whether they were actually people she liked, or if
they were up as laughing points.. You'd ask her about them, and she'd
wrinkle her nose, like "ewwwww" but yet they stayed up. She was a great
friend to a lot of us at InterNAP at that time, and was missed when she
left... And has been missed since.