RE: improving the registrar transfer process

> Accountability. Responsibility.

I agree with you on this 100%. ICANN needs to enforce there
current policies.

I agree too.

Look at totalnic/pacnames. They have been
refusing transfer requests years now until very very recent.
What has ICANN done about all those complaints and violations
that has been well documented?

ICANN needs to stop just accepting money and start enforcing

Interestingly, the ICANN equivalent in Australia (auDA), does
pro-actively enforce policies, and even took Capital Networks to court
on the basis that they could be de-accredited as a registrar for .au, if
they continued not to allow transfers for .com.


    Capital Networks Pty Ltd v .au Domain Administration Limited [2004] FCAFC 324 (9 December 2004)

The original judgment is at:

    Capital Networks Pty Ltd v .au Domain Administration Limited [2004] FCA 808 (24 June 2004)

yes they did. now pacnames in another country supposedly bought
capital... at least they are allowing you to transfer away this time

auDA being proactive is its time icann is...