RE: If you were in a government Cyber-warning center

Conduit? What's THAT ;-? Only exposed (bridge crossing, etc)
parts are in conduit.

Conduit is typically used along the entire length of most railway builds I
have seen.

Most recent railway builds have been multi conduit projects with up to 12 x
1.5 inch HDPE conduits plowed in by rail mounted cable plow. Your correct
that steel conduit is used at bridge crossing or other exposed locations.

I understand that when railway routes became popular some years ago for
telecom that some railway/telecom companies did some research to understand
where to place the cable with respect to the rail to minimize damage in a

Apparently by placing the conduit 3-4' down and relatively close to the rail
(ie: 2-3' from the rail) the steel rail will act somewhat as a shield to
minimize exposure of the cable in a derailment. (ie: the car has to rip up
the trackage and move the dirt to get to the cable)