RE: I want my own IPs

I'm just glad we were able to get our allocation from them. If I hadn't
been in this business for a decade and didn't have the wonderful
that I have, it might have been impossible. <g>

Those people over at the ARIN Helpdesk are an interesting crowd....


This is really not true, and folks who don't deal with ARIN need to know it.

One's ability to deal with ARIN has nothing to do with industry standing or
having a sparkling personality. Nor does it have to do with being a
representative of a large company. Even ARIN AC members seem to have no
special pull with the Help Desk - they apply their rules with admirable

Sometimes you may not agree with the rules, but as long as you play within
them, there are no problems. If you don't like them, go to an ARIN meeting
and work out some new ones.

BTW, if, by "interesting", you mean "courteous and generally reasonable,
considering the number of people trying to deceive them", you would be
correct. Remember - lots of folks lie to them for a variety of reasons. If
they are sticklers for documentation, its not because they are being

Of course, those network "engineers" who are allergic to documentation will
find dealing with ARIN to be impossible. They will also find
troubleshooting, capacity planning, and many other tasks to be quite

- Dan