Re: How threading works (was Re: Root Cause Re: 202401102221.AYC Re: Streamline The CG-NAT Re: 202401100645.AYC Re: IPv4 address block)


My personal use of email agents involves ordering incoming messages by date sent. Many others order their inbox by date received. I don’t use MUA ordering by thread or conversation because I must use MUAs on many diverse systems. So for many decades, I have continued to use my own mental programming to sort and group messages by subject. This, by the way, is akin to aural conversations between persons where announcing a change of subject is expected to be followed by a new topic.

For those of us on OCD, ADD, or Autism spectrums, multiple subjects lines cause cognitive dissonance - sometimes damaging comprehension of the continuing thread (conversation). I don’t claim it violates the ADA, but it should especially when willfully continued after requests for amended behavior. Lazarus Long would probably express this more cogently.

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