RE: How do I log on while in flight?

Does anyone else find this too hard to believe? I cant be the only one who
has inadvertantly forgotten to power off their cell phone while flying. This
must happen all the time, but we don't hear about horrible DoS of cell

Or is this why cell service sucks so badly in some places? :wink:


Notice he said analog circuits. Digital is different. Cell service sucks
because everybody uses it, you can think of creating your own DOS on the
MSO through everyone everywhere picking up their cell phone and
attempting a call. MSOs were never designed to carry every possible call
made from every possible cell phone that could enter their range.

The laws about cell phone usage in airplanes are ancient.


"Mansey, Jon" wrote:

Boeing was supposed to be testing a high speed internet service for
commercial aircraft. There was a news item about it some time back. The
idea was that you would have a similar service in flight to what they have
now in hotels via companies like Wayport.

I believe the original poster is going on a private flight.


"N. Richard Solis" wrote:

In this case there is no problem to use a cellular phone while enroute...
just ask to the pilot. I flew several times on a "small" airplane and the
pilot never said "no" - only during depart/landing procedures he asked me
to turn it off (just in case).