RE: How are operators using IRR?

I have mainly worked at small and medium sized operators and we did not
use IRR at all apart from registering our own and customer blocks with
the one upstream provider we had (Level3) which required it. We
maintained our own databases of customer prefixes tied to other
customer information strict prefix lists were generated from. I have
rarely seen as path filtering used except with large customers where
maintaining strict prefix lists wasn't manageable.

Phil From: ML


Some of the networks close to me, use IRR based AS_PATH and
prefix filters at customer-route import.

Needless to say that running periodic diffs between what's found in
IRR and what's received in RW and discuss the results with customers
is a necessary good thing to make sure that what is expected is
really happening. (And potentially a means to bump up the quality of
the IRR data set.)


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Good point...

There's some additional information at "work in progress" here:


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