RE: Horrible world trade center crash, traffic effect

Traffic patterns on our network are starting to look different than normal.
I expected more traffic but it seems that traffic volumes are decreasing

What are others seeing?


We are also seeing a decrease in traffic volume.

Randy Neals wrote:

The news sites are all overloaded, so people are just watching TV or
listening to the radio. We had a very brief initial surge of several
mbit/s above normal, but it quickly went to sub-normal (maybe 50% of
normal) traffic volume.

For "softer" sites -- non-news related, we saw normal traffic up to about
9:20am EDT. Then a sharp drop off over the next 40 minutes. The level of
traffic is similar to the ~6am traffic levels, most likely those not
affected by these events directly.

For news related and anything remotely political the opposite effect is very
evident and levels on these sites started exceeding their daily peaks by

Deepak Jain

[woke to sirens and phones ringing too..]

definately show up on all the monitoring. While the level shot up
it then leveled off, and is now at a normal daily level for the

I suspect at this time the increased news traffic and the like is
offset by the reduction in some otherwise normal traffic with things
like the stock markets being closed.

News and news related sites are slammed, of course. Many are showing
page load problems. I don't see any direct bandwidth problems from
my locations, all the issues appear to be host loading.

I can only hope that since IP networks seem to be working fairly well,
all things considered, that we are all helping some people communicate
with loved ones when the phone networks are clearly experiencing