RE: Honest Cogent opinions without rhetoric.

> Depends on if you like to do traffic engineering; Cogent's
> BGP community support, consisting of a whole three things you
> can set (two if you only have a single connection to them),
> makes that rather difficult.

Umm, where did you get that mis-information from? The last
communitiy guide I've seen from them has quite a bit more than two ;p

For a quick reference:


I was meaning more along the lines of types of things you can
control. You have limited route export control, and even more
limited path prepend control; that's two. :slight_smile: Or if you're
multi-homed to them, you can set local pref too.

Alternatively, I'll just use Level 3 as an example because we
have peering with both of them as well as three others. Level 3
lets us control local pref, prepend to specific remote AS
numbers (incredibly useful and something everyone should insist
on from their providers), prepend to EU peers, all the
same export controls and then some, announce to specific AS,
do not announce to specific AS. On the incoming side, where
Cogent has tags for all of four whole groups (NA non-customer,
NA customer, EU non-customer, EU customer), Level 3 has tags for
the same plus peering points, cities, countries, regions, MEDs
ignored, MEDs accepted, internal, etc..

We like having our connectivity to Cogent because we like to
have fast delivery of our customers' content to Cogent's
customers, not because of the price. On more than one
occasion we have had issues where the only solution to a
problem of our customers accessing us coming through a
remote peer of Cogent's who had a problem, and a preference
for the Cogent route, was to turn down our session with them
until that remote peer resolved their issue; there's no other
way to make them prefer a different route, including with
the help, or lack thereof, of Cogent's NOC.


I have the need to de-pref my routes to Level3, to be of equal value as the
routes they receive from their peers, but they don't offer a community for
that. But wow, I can see that this route originated from Tustin, CA!

Hrm, this seems very straight forward to me:


customer traffic engineering communities - LocalPref