RE: Homeland Security now wants to restrict outage notifications

I also believe that critical infrastructure needs to be protected and I am
charged with protecting a good chunk of it. Also as a Ham operator I
work in concert with the various emergency management organizations in
dealing with possible worst case scenarios.

No, not everyone who asks about some piece of infrastructure under my
control gets an answer but for now we can still choose who receives an
answer without you having to contact a govt agency and ask whether I can
respond to a query from Joe Shmoe.

Unfortunately information=power and control of information is power^2 and
many people in the permanent bureaucracy are there only in pursuit of
power over others and 9/11 was a wonderful excuse to extend their scope
of control over people's everyday lives.

Right now in Boston cameras are now illegal in the subway for 'security
reasons' who hasnt had a picture taken with their friends on the way
to/from a gathering on the subway.

Back when I was younger the only places with restrictions like that were
the countries Iron Curtain. In the 50's my family helped resettle
refugees from Hungary in the aftermath of the failed Hungarian Revolution
freedom is a valuable thing unfortunately we are losing it bit by bit.

                            Scott C. McGrath