RE: Home media servers, AUPs, and upstream bandwidth utilization.

What hasn't been yet discussed is the upstream/downstream disparity on the
link to the upstream provider. At least in our ISP operations, downstream
peaks out at about 3x the upstream, and downstream only dips to the upstream
utilization at the wee hours of the morning.

I wouldn't mind if upstream utilization matched downstream rates as we're
essentially paying for downstream utilization, not upstream. Are there more
pieces to the bandwidth puzzle that would start getting messed up if ISPs
and end-users were more symmetrical in their usage?


it might also be interesting to know how tcp-stack differences affect some
of the usage patterns as well. With the now widely deployed win* platform
tcp stach respecting tcp-reno things work according to well
understood/accepted models. Mac OSX, linux and Vista seem to NOT respect
tcp-reno, and may change the models somewhat... Will this cause more
spikiness on individual links? will this change in behaviour on a wide
scale (vista rollout to new computers or to existing platforms) causing
folks capacity planning models to fail?