RE: High Density Multimode Runs BCP?

I think he's talking physical plant. 200m should be fine. Consult
your equipment for power levels and support distance.

Inside plant, dedicated fiber tray

  Nothing wrong with running a bundle of MM with the SM
      bundles. This method usually uses fiber shelfs with
      either pig tailed (factory) or fusion spliced(best)

Inside plant, no tray, fiber trough

  Use factory terminated strands(patch) only and save
      yourself aggravation and get better reliability. Run
      it loose in the trough from source to destination ports.

Inside plant, no tray, no fiber trough

  Use factory strands(patch) and run it inside
      a 1/4" or larger innerduct from source to destination

Spiral wrap is always recommended on the "last 7'" and
some sort of bracing near the port should be provided.

Consult the cable manufacture for proper bend radius.

Avoid zip ties if possible. Vibration and other factors
make them not desirable.

There's a multitude of combinations of the above. Without
knowing the facility layout and the cross connect/inter connect
standard, it's hard to speculate.

(the above is as close to a BCP as you can get. Fairly typical
central office standards via Bellcore. Er. Telcordia.



Sure -- but given the cost of the new physical plant installation he's
talking about, the fact that he seems to know the present maximum data
rate for each physical link, and so forth, I think it does make sense to
ask the question "is the right solution to simply be more economical
with physical plant by multiplexing to a higher data rate"?

I've never used fibre ribbon, as advocated by someone else in this thread,
and that does sound like a very clever space- and possibly cost-saving
solution to the puzzle. But even so, spending tens of thousands of
dollars to carry 24 discrete physical links hundreds of meters across a
datacenter, each at what is, these days, not a particularly high data
rate, may not be the best choice. There may well be some question about
at which layer it makes sense to aggregate the links -- but to me, the
question "is it really the best choice of design constraints to take
aggregation/multiplexing off the table" is a very substantial one here
and not profitably avoided.