RE: hearing word of a fiber cut in virgina

Is it me, or has nearly every cut in the past 6 months been Worldcom
glass? Do they have any redundant rings? Looks like their growth has
been too agressive for sound SONET engineering efforts to be employed.
But, hey, they have a lot of glass...


yeah, they've had a few problems lately with squirrels burrowing under
tracks, and chewing on fibre. The need to just lay out little bowls of
Ex-Lax cookies for the animals, so they can stop moving trees for splices.
And today I was whining about the concept of rings, too...I don't think
they do...they were saying they couldn't re-route today because they only
had 25 spare ds3's of bandwidth, and they used them, and that was it.

anyway, here's to redundant glass *swig*


anyway, here's to redundant glass *swig*

Yeah, a lot of times they are actually redundant - but IN THE SAME bundle
of fiber!. Not really what the consumer wants to know.