RE: happy bday IGS-R

Good thing all this is getting archived - it’s cool to know some of what was happening out in the trenches back then.

My IGS had a sticker on it that said, “Property of Stanford University”. It was the router that UUNET placed at the now non-existent (Enterprise Integration Technologies) and came bundled with a massive rackmounted Cylink csu/dsu. The folks at Cylink thought that I was on crack when I called about a manual for it - the woman on the phone didn’t even realize that Cylink had ever made them. Even better was when we changed providers to and tried to get UUNET to come pick up the router and csu/dsu. They were decidedly not excited about having it back in their inventory and refused to come and take it back.

Anyway, it’s hard to say who won the most points… most people got the GI reference and nearly everyone who responded privately had worked on rev’s much older than what I have - ack! even version 6.x! Thanks to all for the thread.

-Paul LANtinga
Q9 Networks.

Mumble... The nice folks at UUNET didn't really place
a university-owned IGS there, it was actually came from
EIT/CommerceNet's initial ISP (and title did pass to EIT
when they later switched).


p.s. Be happy it wasn't a CGS with a wirewrapped 1E1S...

This has to stop now... the PSC and SURAnet flashbacks are getting really bad....

P4200 ethernet jumpers....ROM uprades to CBus controllers... broken WF ARP code !!
EGP overruns on the NSFnet ethernet controller.... weeks without sleep ...zzzz

Aaaaiieeee - - - -