RE: Gtld transfer process

Hello William,

Thanks for your suggestions.

Comments below.

I would propose the following:

1. Keep existing model but make it "SHOULD" for old registrar
to inform
   of upcoming transfer (I still don't understand how that failed in case BTW, because I'm pretty certain dotster does it, the
   only thing I can think of is that they did but answer was
lost among
   all the spam that hostmaster account received).

Sounds reasonable.

2. Allow for fast way to reverse the domain transfer for old register.
   I'd propose the following:
    a. Old registrar can use special registry function to request
       reversal within 5 days of the transfer and that is immediatly
       granted (no questions asked at that time) with
immediate restoration
       of old NS servers

Might be better to simply revert the NS records at the request of the
original registrar, and then place the name on registry lock until the
dispute is resolved. Note for URDP disputes a name is typically
locked by a registrar (although the current NS record state is

Most of the other steps regarding provision of evidence and
full-rollback to the original registrar are covered under the existing
transfer dispute policies. The detailed process is documented here: