RE: GSR, 7600, Juniper M?, oh my!

Ours dropped about 70% ... And it's been steady ever since.. we've
added a large number of modems since that time as well...

Look into 'no cable-arp' as well ... Basically, it prevents arp
broadcasts and that also had a major impact on the cpu utilization of
our CMTS's..

Jason Frisvold
Backbone Engineering Supervisor

From: Tarko Tikan []
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 2:55 PM
Subject: Re: GSR, 7600, Juniper M?, oh my!


> The G1 processors, so far, have proven to be wonderful... We only


> experience with them running in the 7200 uBR chassis, but they've


> a huge reduction in CPU utilization...

what is huge reduction for you? we upgraded from npe-400 to npe-g1 on
ubr7200 and processor usage decreased 20-30%. And we are pushing about
100Mbps traffic from GigE to cable and about 20-30Mbps from cable to