RE: GSR, 7600, Juniper M?, oh my!

What about longer term maintenance issues? Is the 7500 not scheduled for
EOL from Cisco 'soon' ? So, purchasing 7500 bits that might be dropped by
'normal' Cisco support in 1 year versus purchasing some other hardware
that will be in support longer might pay out in the longer term?

close to what a new 7500 would cost. Anyway, on to the reason for my post.
I've heard conflicting reports, is a 7206 faster at packet switching than a

  Some people tell me it is a better router, some people tell me it

Does an apple taste better than an orange?

7206 is a fixed CPU config (hold: i know, NPE's are interchangeable,
however, once you have an NPE-300 or whatever in there, thats all the CPU
you are going to have in it). Another words, no matter how many PAs you
shove into it, it's still a NPE-whatever driving the whole thing.

On the 7500, you have RSPs and VIPs; the former performing routing
protocol work, vty's, RIB's, etc., the latter doing actually packet

For instance, one of our 7507's, an RSP4 with 3 VIP2-50's, routing some
ATM, DS3, ChDS3, FE, and doing some MPLS AToM:

core2.sne# sho proc c
CPU utilization for five seconds: 4%/2%; one minute: 12%; five minutes: 12%

Most of the CPU utilization is Mr. BGP Scanner, our friend and yours.
Notice the /2%, informing you that this thing is barely doing any packet

VIP-Slot0>sh proc c
CPU utilization for five seconds: 13%/12%; one minute: 14%; five minutes: 15%

VIP-Slot1>sh proc c
CPU utilization for five seconds: 1%/1%; one minute: 1%; five minutes: 1%

VIP-Slot4>sh proc c
CPU utilization for five seconds: 7%/4%; one minute: 5%; five minutes: 5%

Obviously, we run dCEF, which puts the VIP's in the position of forwarding
everything on their own, as evidenced by the CPU measurements.

However, to answer your question, even a modestly configured 7507 with
RSP4, and VIP2-50's will be substantially more capable than a 7206-NPE300.
Things may change on the NPE-400 or G1, but I have no direct experience
with that.

PS. Regards to stability; we have SUBSTANTIAL improvements in IOS
stability, especially in 12.3.5a mainline.

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