RE: GRC rides again...

From: Mike Batchelor []
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 11:25 AM

Roeland Meyer:
> ...As much as I hate to say it, I almost agree with MSFT
here. That said,
> Novell stated, decades ago, that MSFT never could
understand network
> security. At the time, I agreed with Novell.

"Decades ago" implies more than one decade ago, which puts
this purported
statement by Novell sometime prior to 1981. That was a very prescient
statement, in light of the fact that networking on
Microsoft's then-current
OS (DOS 1.0) had not been developed yet.

So we know that I can't type...duh! Besides, I was running a Davong
Multilink arcnet at the time, before Novell took it over (when Davong turned
turtle). We were eagerly awaiting the first IBM XT. Also, I was running
PCDOS v2.11 about then. Network by Davong and disk drives by Tallgrass. We
also had a PDP11/35 w/ RSX-11M, for POS development (TEC America, Torrance).
I guess that places the time at about 1982... six (6) MONTHS short of two

Please excuse me for not being suitably anal-retentive. Advanced senility is
hell on the old RAM isn't it?