RE: Government scrutiny is headed our way

And then you'll get wrapped up in the court-case, probably lose the case
since they'll be able to hire better lawyers and fight it out longer, the
judge/jury will have no idea what your talking about, and you'll still be
the victim of the smurf attacks. My guess is, you won't get far this way.
Too many people to sue.

I still like the idea of running a scan of the entire IP space, as expensive
and tiring it would be, and inject them all into the RBL.

I know Jared is off to a great start...

My guess is the policy makers will come up with a never-enforced set of
guidelines, that only hurt the small ISP or organization.

The answer has to be technical. We'll hate the political one.

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Nice idea, but one of limited usefulness - not everyone uses the RBL