Re: Google IP Geolocation

The issues that others had earlier this month just hit us this morning.

Users in Israel ( trying to access or appear as coming from Iceland (see screenshot).

Change happened overnight. Someone internally in Google's geo-location group typo'ed Israel as Iceland.

We have GGC access and Google ISP Portal access but why should we have to change the geolocation which worked well since forever just because someone internally messed up?



Now I am hearing that other universities in Israel have seen this issue since as early as April 4.


Hi Hank,

I reported it against the /15 you supplied, since I agree you shouldn’t have to!

Internal bug reference for Google is bug 186090498.

If others have gone via Google’s NOC, mentioning that reference to the NOC may help get your “me too” on the list, but if it is a systemic .IL -> .IS hopefully we can clean them all up without needing to be told about each one.


Phil Sykes
(day job: Google Networking SRE)

Jared wrote earlier:

I've had a similar issue in the past trying to get ready to peer with them. I wanted portal access to look at things. I may yet post a geofeed file just because.

(I was also rejected a portal account, didn't escalate to friends at google because I know my traffic is under a gig for now).

- Jared

Don't bother. We have Google ISP Portal access. We updated our geo-location feed file as they requested:
15 of 16 prefixes were processed on April 30. Till today all our users in Israel are still located in Iceland and have now started to learn Icelandic in order to complete Google pages.