RE: Good Timing for .COM Problems ?

@ Then perhaps we should question why the "problems" are occuring at a
@ time when it would be to NSI's benefit (e.g. future IPO) to show that
@ the traditional volunteer method doesn't work.

It should not be very difficult for NSI (and SAIC) to deploy
the necessary, robust TLD servers to handle just the .COM, .NET
and .ORG TLDs. It seems logical that their "public" shareholders
would want their name servers to be under their control.

If they decide to do that, then it would be good to coordinate
the changes so that the various Root Name Server Confederations
can make the switch at the same time. Since the "volunteers"
do not have the registry infrastructure to handle .COM, it seems
likely that .COM will go where NSI moves it, if they do. Also,
not many (if any) companies have stepped forward to provide alternative
TLD name servers for .COM.

I would imagine that NANOG members would be alerted to
these changes well in advance....although, if done properly,
it should not be noticed. Only the Root Name Servers need
to be changed and it seems to follow that such changes
would happen before next year.