RE: Getting a "portable" /19 or /20

That's a wonderful monolithic UUNet view on the world. Practical IP
addressing and assignments is being taught in room 104b down the hall.


Oh come on. It really is THAT easy. PROVE you need the space and it's
yours _TO_USE_ for a fee.

It may involve, as in MANY cases, growing to a size where it is PAINFUL to
renumber into your own address space but, if numbering your customers into
provider space is what it takes to get your OWN address space, it
works. (It's a pain to get them to renumber though!)

Kyle is right though. If you can JUSTIFY your request, you're pretty
much on-track to get the address space and subsequent allocations are
easier, providing you have properly SWIP'd your current allocation.

The folks at ARIN aren't _AS_ evil as many people would like to make them
out to be. <g>