RE: FYI: BBN/MCI Peering Change 3/31/97

From: Dave Curado[]
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 1997 2:15 AM

My intention, by the way, is not to simply pick nits over a posting.
I have heard in the past that there is at least one major provider
who sells transit through the naps. Regardless of whether that is
an OK thing to do or not, I am sincerely interested in knowing if
that is true.

There are two different flavors of this:

A. Providing transit over the NAP fabric (ATM or FDDI)
B. Providing transit via a private interconnect which happens to be at a
NAP facility.

You should speak to each provider yourself, with an awareness that this
approach is avoided because of the fact that getting traffic both through
and _away from_ the exchanges is a serious concern of providers carrying a
lot of traffic. This problem is exacerbated if transit connections are
accepted at the exchange points.

There may a time when "Purchased Peering" becomes the chosen approach for
what you are seeking...