RE: FW: Worms versus Bots

Sean thanks I just reread XP sp2 details and your right sp2 starts the
firewall SOONER during boot (like before it starts
most network services :slight_smile:
Boot time security. In earlier versions of Windows there is a window of
time between when the network stack started and when ICF provided
protection. Consequently, a packet could have been received and
delivered to a service without ICF filtering it, potentially exposing
the computer to vulnerabilities. In SP2, the firewall driver has a
static rule called a boot-time policy to perform stateful filtering.
This will allow the computer to perform basic networking tasks such as
DNS and DHCP and communicate with a Domain Controller to obtain policy.
Once the firewall service is running, it will load and apply the
run-time ICF policy and remove the boot-time filters. This change should
increase system security without affecting applications. GCIA
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