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Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 6:42 PM
Subject: Re: FCC To Require 911 for VoIP

> so, how does this work when you dial into the internet in
(or use your
> DSL) in newark and the termination point for L3 is in Philadelphia?
> That
> seems like more than 1sq mile...

In the dial up case, you could/should know the originating number, so
location can be determined from that.

Right, this is standard CNAM/LIDB behavoir.

In the DSL case, the ATM PVC can often be mapped back to a DSLAM port
and thus a wire pair with a known termination.

Correct again, but there's still and assigned number isn't there?
The above would apply.

Whether the provisioning and management systems are up to the task of
providing this information quickly enough for emergency services, I
don't know.,+SBC+in+talks+over+911+help/2100-7352_3-5683817.html?part=rss&tag=5683817&subj=news

Now, as I understand it, the Pulver order[1], which makes voip companies
'information providers' may be at issue here. IANAL[2], so I can't speak to
that, but as a CLEC, you have a right to access the E911 infrastructure.

To keep it simple, if you have a phone number, you have the capability
to ID the calling-station to EMS, except, if you have VOIP or cell, and
when E911 is turned on for VOIP, there may have to be some sort of declaration
as to "stationary" like an ILEC ds0, or dynamic, like a cell phone. The
information has to be entered into the databases, and you have to have
the access to those databases.

I think you'll see voipco's rushing to insure e911 as a competitive
edge since it's somewhat of a roadblock, even if it's psychological.

There are other issues to grapple with related to full deployment
and acceptance beyond E911, but that would be a big step.

1. Talk to Jeff Pulver about the Pulver Order
2. IANAL = I am not a lawyer



eh, for some reason in some regions we don't get this info. I do have to
check on newer installations I believe we started to require it after some
notable problems without it :frowning: