RE: F means filtered ? (fwd)

The United States of America is a great nation that has been one of the
primary leaders in the development of information technology. The Internet
is largely derived from government funded projects and without the security,
stability, and staying power of the U.S. Government, the large number of
Internet users around the world would not be jumping on board the Information

Many people and companies have placed trust in the U.S. Government. The
U.S. Government places trust in God. (According to the back of a one dollar bill).
Despite the fact that many people on the Internet place trust in the IANA, the
IETF, the IAHC, the IAB, the IESG and other I* organizations, the fact remains
that the U.S. Government backs the Internet. (and the U.S. dollar)

Within the U.S. Government various agencies and organizations have helped
to move the Internet forward and to provide the representative government
needed on the Internet for people to safely make investments in time and
money with the knowledge that a democractic and capitalistic group of
people are in control. One of the primary agencies helping to fund the
Internet has been the U.S. Government funded National Science Foundation
(NSF). <>

In summary, I think that U.S. citizens should be proud that their
great country developed much of the technology and infrastructure
for the Internet. I also think that the world population should be aware
that the hundreds of years of government development in the U.S.
has resulted in a system that has the proper agencies to not only
help to foster increased growth of the Internet but also to help
ensure that citizens around the world are able to compete in this
marvelous advancement on a playing field that is fair and level.

Hmm, I am not sure how on-topic this is. (because it is more
an opinion than a statement). It is true that the internet
was developed in large part by the government..There is not
refuting those facts. But as anyone who has had experience with
any government agency or division knows, they are nowhere near
the level of efficiency found in the private sector. The
internet has also been moving towards the private sector because
the private sector is better structured to handle its exponential
growth (irregardless of what direction that growth is in).

It is time to move away from the anachronistic "governmental control"
view of the internet and into today. Mr. Vixie has come under
fire for what he is doing. I personally think that
he is right in his measures (i.e. to educate more than regulate)
but that has no influence on the point that we have no need
to invite the government back into this arena in any fashion.
Let the industry decide. The rationing power of that aforementioned
almighty dollar has a lot of influence in the internet of today.
I think that Mr. Vixie will continue doing what he is doing irregardless
of what anyone has to say about it. Don't let the government restrict
his opinion on this matter. If the people that are affected by his
actions have enough power, they will fix matters for themselves.

-Bradley Reynolds
Harbor Communications ...