RE: ethernet-based temperature sensors

From: Bill Owens []

I suppose if one had enough time and interest, and some Java skills,
you could make something out of these:

iButton Products | Analog Devices
iButton Products | Analog Devices


If you don't want to use the little iButton holder jobbie, you can use just
the DS1820 range of sensors from Dallas Semiconductor. I bodged up something
using one of these and a DS9097U RS-232 adaptor:

I realise this is probably only of peripheral interest, as the original post
requested a unit with SNMP capability, and the DS1820 doesn't provide
anything as sophisticated. It was, however, completely free of charge as I
got the bits as samples from Farnell in the UK. The software to drive the
units is freely available, and it should be pretty trivial to get it to mail
a pager or whatever if the temperature goes outside of limits.

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