RE: Enable BIND cache server to resolve chinese domain name?

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Steve Gibbard
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 1:20 AM
Subject: Re: Enable BIND cache server to resolve chinese domain name?

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That doesn't mean a competing system wouldn't work, for those who are
using it. They'd just be limited in who they could talk to, and that
generally wouldn't be very appealing.

Are you just making noise here, Steve? That doesn't really
say anything outside of status quo.

That said, a big country implementing a new DNS root on a
national scale
may not have that problem. The telecom world is already full
of systems
that don't cross national borders. In the US case, think of
all the cell
phones that have international dialing turned off by default,

That's a poor example. That's between the subscriber and their
carrier, not a technical limitation.

and all the
800 numbers whose owners probably aren't at all bothered by their
inability to receive calls from other countries.

That's also a poor example since there are work arounds for
this technical issue.

A system that would limit my ability to talk to people in
other countries
doesn't sound very appealing to me.

I know. I know. Don't feed the trolls.